Bilateral tubal ligation as a type of Contraception

Bilateral Tubal Ligation
Bilateral Tubal Ligation

By Dr. Evans Mokokha.

In this patriachal society, majority of the women in the developing countries live in the shadows of the husbands and are customarily obligated to be submissive to their husbands. The women are made to bring forth heirs to the husbands. The women give birth to children in the entirety of their reproductive life and more so to satisfy the husband’s egocentrism if she has been baring daughters only. There are reports of women giving birth up to 8 children and above here in Kenya. Recently, I came across a woman who had 6 children. In her community she was considered infertile.

Such large families and poor inter-child spacing places the mother and children at risk. More so, the family resources are stretched to the limit and these ripple effects trickles up to the governmental planning and expenditure of resources for such a community. As such, various methods of family planning are advised. The couple is urged to choose a convenient method for them. One such method so advised for such women with many children is bilateral tubal ligation. This is one of the permanent form of contraception in women.

Bilateral Tubal ligation is a simple surgical procedure that involves obliteration of the fallopian tubes on both sides in women. The principle behind the procedure is that fertilization normally occurs in the fallopian tube: the procedure aims at blocking the fertilization of the ova by the sperms. The procedure is quick (15-30minutes) and can be done as an outpatient procedure. However, of note is that the procedure is a permanent method of sterilization and careful medical advice should be sought before consent is obtained.

Basically, this procedure will go a long way in managing the levels of global maternal mortality levels by virtue of sizing up families hence reducing the burden of child-bearing in women.

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