My heart bleeds for Kenya – Doctors Strike – HealthCare Crisis. - Health Journal 254
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My heart bleeds for Kenya – Doctors Strike – HealthCare Crisis.

Online Campaign of the Doctors Strike in Kenya

As Kenya marks its 53rd Birthday since Independence, It saddened me deeply that the President of the Republic of Kenya mentioned nothing on the current state of Healthcare in the Country. I have no words! Let me just share what my friend and colleague had to say.

By Dr Kalicha Jillo

My heart bleeds for Kenya, the country that has nurtured me, taken tremendous care of me for decades. The pain is unbearable.
Let me set things straight, see the other day, I was watching news and I couldn’t stand it when the suffering of the innocent common ‘mwananchi’ were projected, in fact I had to walk out when they showed the innocent New borns in the new born unit DESERTED, what did they do to deserve all this for God’s sake. We as doctors see all this, and apart from seeing we are well aware that the scenarios on the ground are worse, but the fact is that we remain to be human, not immortal, not super humans, We breath, eat, sleep just like all of other humans, WE HAVE BASIC NEEDS. Doctors Strike in Kenya was our last available option. We had exhausted all the available options but our government only knows the language of strikes! This time round, lets talk of the doctors suffering!

The services we offer, we can barely afford most of them, it’s a pity. It pains me that every once in a while when a colleague is diseased, then we have to resort to ‘harambees’ among us to bail out one of our own, yet they probably require a service which many of us provide. You are not capable of standing on your two feet but the society still expects you to pick up the fallen ones among them and keep them going. We overlook our challenges and serve the society while crippled. How can a sick, tired, frustrated, hungry doctor treat Kenyans in the name of a ‘calling’?

The government is never our master, we put them there and if at all there is a favor they need to do to the ‘mwananchi’ is set their priorities right. With all due respect paying an MCA who barely went to school more than 6 or 7 times what you pay a Doctor, not mentioning the multiple allowances and looting they do is just absurd.

We feel the pain and agony in the Republic, we are helpless, we urge you to stick with us and show this crooked government that when you can’t set your priorities right then you are doomed to fail. We pray for KENYA and hope that the health issues will be resolved ASAP.

As for the Doctors of Kenya we are not looking back, we are demanding our rights which have been pondered from time in memorial, we stick to it no matter what the big guns throw at us. That’s all for me.

Just Thinking out loud.





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