What i Learnt from the meeting between KMPDU and the Senate today #KMPDUSenate

KMPDU meeting Health Committee of the Senate.

There was a lot to learn today from our Doctors and the struggle for better Public Health Care in Kenya. KMPDU met the Health committee of the senate and here is what i got from that meeting. I really don’t have my own words, so let me just put the quotes for you and ‘Listen so that you understand the key issues in the doctors strike.’

‘The suffering of Kenyans is the reason why the doctors went on strike.What shall we tell the public?’ Dr. Ouma Oluga.

‘We have to make Human Resource at par with equipment’~ Dr Mwachonda Chibanzi.

‘The only struggle for a doctor should be what’s the best management for my patient’~Dr Daisy Korir.

‘The media is also government machinery’~Dr. Daisy Korir.

‘It’s a shame as a country with 42 tribes for us to be rejecting doctors based on their surname.’ Dr. Daisy Korir.

” WE will not go back to status quo. WE will not go back to supervise death”~ Dr Ouma Oluga.

“The CBA is the only document that serves to standardize what has been happening in the counties” Dr Chibanzi

‘You cannot separate the rights of doctors from the rights of patients.’ ~ Dr Ouma Oluga.

‘We want everyone in the villages to access the same high quality care as those in Nairobi.’ -Dr. Daisy Korir.

‘The doctors are out of work because the Ministry of Health has been out of work for long.’ ~ Dr Ouma Oluga.

‘Government is like a father who has refused to pay child support.’~Ouma Oluga.

“We told the patients, ‘Hold on we need to engage our “parent” who we pay taxes to the govt'” Dr Ouma Oluga.

“Nobody understands the suffering of Kenyans on matters health better than the doctors”- Dr. Ouma Oluga.

‘The county government don’t live in a vacuum. They should act to streamline health in Kenya.’Dr Mwachonda.

“If you have equipment that cannot be run by the personnel, that contradicts what we are trying to do,”Dr. Mwaconda Chibanzi.

‘We’ve for long been spectators of death under current health system, we aren’t magicians,we need appropriate tools to deliver.’

‘Do not train a Doctor to leave and treat others in other countries!’~ Dr Ouma Oluga.

All the lessons to learn are in the quotes. I will just conclude my article with a question to Kenyans.

It is very unfortunate for Doctors to still be on Strike Day 65 as our people are suffering and many more dying due to the Doctors Strike in Kenya. My question to Kenyans, are we prepared to lose another batch of 2200 doctors due to poor remuneration, awful working conditions & bad policies? It is time for Kenyans to wake up and demand better health care from the people they elected and pay taxes to. My two cents!



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