Message from a Proud Kenyan Doctor – Doctors Strike Kenya.


As Doctors in all Public Hospitals in Kenya start their promised strike 5th December 2016 00:00hours. Here are some few things we need to share.

Let it be known beyond doubt that doctors do not take pleasure in the suffering of patients, we have just exhausted our options #LipaKamaTender

Any Suffering of Kenyans Due to #DoctorsStrike Is on The Government.

Some People are so corrupt that they can’t remember to “take care” of doctors who treat their voters #LipaKamaTender

Doctors also call upon all Kenyans to join them in demanding better health service delivery by efficient and fair treatment to the doctors who provide the services.

Citizens of Kenya to seek Emergency Medical Services from Private Hospitals as Doctors Strike in all Public Hospitals in the Republic of Kenya from 5th December 2016 00:00hrs #LipaKamaTender

I am a woman, a Kenyan doctor and proud. My days entail early mornings, long days and late nights. I have been driven to the brink of insanity time and time again. Every single day it’s a battle struggling to get out of bed and still have a smile on my face as I serve the public. I have been spat on, bled on, pricked by contaminated objects, looked down upon, my body has been worked to its limits and every day I surprise myself at how much I can still bear.
I work more hours than I’m supposed to and when I am not I am confined to my bed, tired, worn and constantly rethinking my career choice. Maybe I should have been that Dj I always wanted to be…but no other calling supersedes that of saving lives.

To our political leaders, asking for what is ours is not being greedy, it is knowing our worth, it is being assertive and knowing what we deserve.

Good things are worth fighting for. Kenyan doctors are worth fighting for. I am worth fighting for.



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