MTURA/MUTURA – Be careful before consuming this ‘African Sausage’.

Mutura being roasted
Mutura being roasted

Mtura or Mutura also dubbed as the ‘African sausage’ is an African delicacy so popular in Kenya, especially Central Kenya. Few days ago, Huddah Monroe, a Kenyan Socialite and business lady posted on her Social Media, asking where to find Mtura. She later posted pictures of herself enjoying this African Delicacy. Just this week, my high school desk mate, Kennedy Maingi, posted on his Facebook account that he was travelling from Machakos to Nairobi, specifically just to go and enjoy Mtura. This is how popular this snack is in Kenya.

What is Mtura/Mutura?

Mutura is a mixture of cow’s meat stashed inside the intestines of a cow/cattle and roasted for sale, often by the roadside and usually in the evenings. It’s a common trend for Nairobian workers to stop by these smoky places for the Mtura on their way home from work. They say it has a very nice taste, ’ and tastes like chicken’. Others even go further saying the taste is out of this world. The traditional African Sausage normally served with some ‘kachumbari’ (tomato and onion based salad) is just too damn delicious. It is never enough, you normally would hear people asking for more, ‘Ingine ya Kumi’.

Mtura being served with Kachumbari
Mtura being served with Kachumbari

Funny thing, even the ‘hot’ classy ladies stop at these crowded, smoky places to enjoy this delicacy.

But do you know the health implications of these Mtura? Below is a list of major concerns:

  1. Worms especially intestinal
  2. Bacterial infection
  3. Food poisoning.

And all these, their main symptom are abdominal discomfort or pain and diarrhoea.

The other concern is the level of hygiene. The handling of the Mtura is highly questionable in terms of hygiene. If you have seen how the dish is handled, then you definitely know what I am talking about. The sellers barely wash their hands while serving, and people eat in the same board, which is not cleaned quite often to be honest. I don’t need to mention how dirty some hands are, people just go and eat in the same place! Many germs are passed in these places.

Mtura being served
Mtura being served

There was a case where four people died after eating Mtura in Gichagi area, Ngong, Kajiado County in Kenya. 17 others were admitted at different hospitals after complaining of stomachaches and diarrhoea. Residents claimed the 4 have been victims of the Cholera outbreak in the region associated with Mtura.

It’s not that you should not enjoy this tasty delicacy… but…you should just be careful about hygiene and health before putting something in your mouth.


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