Someone tell the Government of Kenya- Doctors Strike.


Come the 5th of December, all doctors in the Public service in Kenya will go on Strike under their Union of Kenya Medical Practitioners, Pharmacists and Dentists Union (KMPDU). The strike is all about the Collective Bargaining Agreement signed between KMPDU and the Government of Kenya on 27th June 2013. The main issue is the implementation of the Pay Rise Proposals. The Court ruled on 6th October 2016 that the CBA is a legally binding document that MUST be implemented. Therefore the doctors of Kenya have the right to claim what is rightfully ours.

As Doctors providing essential services to the people of Kenya, we don’t want to go on strike but the government has pushed us to the wall. On 5th of December 2016 we the doctors working in the Republic of Kenya shall exercise our constitutional mandate as stipulated in article 41 of the Constitution of Kenya to engage in a strike action because for 3 years we have engaged fruitlessly with the government to fulfill a signed document, the CBA.” Secretary of KMPDU-Dr. Ouma Oluga

To the Kenyan Doctors

As history would have it, they will probably threaten to sack us all and hire new Doctors! And again, that would go as the joke of the year. Actually, I would tag it to be the best joke in the 50 years Kenya has tried to evolve but unfortunately retrogressed. You see, we are not against devolution per-se. We really don’t care who pays us, as long as we get paid. We wouldn’t mind if they assigned the village chief to pay us, as a matter of fact that could turn out to be far much convenient.

What we are against is the mere abuse and mockery of all those years we spent in school trying to get things that, at the time, didn’t make sense to us. Evidently, these characters who yap, day-in day-out, probably can’t even spell a couple of the terms we spent sleepless nights trying to grasp.

Doctors have always been servants and not bosses. And yes, we do enjoy that because we serve humanity and they appreciate that in return. The County Reps smeared their eyes with Saliva claiming that they were being paid peanuts. What amazes me most is that doctors are not even being given that peanut pay. We live in a Country where MCAs, most of whom are high school drop outs or much less are paid 3 times than doctors. Perhaps they want us to stay in the crumple zone while they sit comfortably in the back left and watch us die. We are not letting go this time. We should just be paid our worth! The health fraternity in this country has been made the rug on which they leave all the dirt before they get into their cosy offices. Well, at least we don’t need those offices. Our brains are our resources, tools and investment. They will wait for us to give in but I can’t wait to see the look on their faces when they realize that we will not be cowed by their cold threats.

Check out the Car of a Consultant and the Procurement Guy in one of the hospitals in Kenya!
Check out the Car of a Consultant and the Procurement Guy in one of the hospitals in Kenya!

And issuing mild threats that the strike is against the law… please, we wouldn’t need that cheap sense of strictness then. We know the law, inside out. The law should protect the poor Kenyan on the street who needs attention because he is one of us among the 40 million citizens. If you go ahead to oppress him/her, then honestly, we do not need that law.

As we mark ‘LipaKamaTender, I urge all Doctors to be firm and united throughout this entire period. The profession needs you to return to Glory. It’s so pathetic to see someone claiming that hairdressers are being paid more than the Kenyan Doctor!

An Article in one of the Daily paper.
An Article in one of the Daily paper.

‘Wakati wa kula nyama ni sasa, kama si sasa ni sasa hivi. Daktari amechoka kumeza mate!’

To the Public

This is YOUR fight too! A Kenyan Doctor in the public sector may find better options in the Private sector being paid 1000ksh per hour on average or more compared to what they are being paid by the Government 70ksh per hour or even leave the Country for Greener Pasture. But our patriotism obliges us to fight for Doctors to remain in the Public Hospitals, as every Kenyan has a right to access to health as stipulated in the constitution Article 43.

During the strike, we advise the public to seek Emergency Medical Services in Private Hospitals as doctors in the sector are ready to serve, and no Kenyan should suffer or die at home because of lack of access. It is their Constitutional Mandate to give you Emergency Medical Services without any pay! The Constitution is very clear on this right.


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  • safia

    sometimes I wonder why I keep working for this government.I would be paid better elsewhere but who will treat my folks? my neighbours, friends n family? I guess patriotism keeps me here despite all the challenges I have faced but now I believe things are going to be better.I will be more motivated to work for kenyans.

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