State of the nation Kenya – The Chicanery!

President Uhuru Kenyatta delivering state of the nation address.

By Dr. Omar Hamid.

State of the nation you said? that time when a time check, reality check and better yet checks on the ups and downs the country has gone through? More than just a day when the Head of the sate shows up to address bunch of insensate and benighted members of Parliament in a live televised event.


We can never know how far we got where we are without taking a cursory look at the past to make sense and take stock of the present and to have a good view of the future. Going by our trends in this country for the last 4 years, Jubilee regime like any other sitting government had their fair share of not living to its expectations.


Please spare me the complacency of saying no regime delivers on its manifesto in totality. As far as i am concerned, a promise is one to keep in totality and not to renegade on. I expect every clause in that manifesto to have been implemented to the latter and spirit.


From Healthcare, Security, Infrastructure, Poverty alleviation, Double digit economy and many of those projected numbers from reduction of Maternal mortality, the number of unexplained deaths of the innocent citizens through either insecurity or road carnage to increasing of tarmac road distances to not achieving double digits economy, and by far the perennial befallen poverty with less than a dollar daily for the common man, i shall be forgiven to think that the math result can not add up to a whole number.


So like any concerned citizen, with a difference of not politicking my view nor poisoned by the tribe tablet, i am looking on with abated breath to the chicanery and the rush by politicians to gather votes the 11th hour by traversing the length and breadth of this country on the backdrop of all those failed zero-sum game of the incumbent government.


Please tell me what is wrong with the common, humble Kenyan? Exactly why one should take us for a pygmy by coming back the same time and the same rendezvous point that he or she was last seen when your politician was asking for the same votes that gave him status so good that he or she developed an amnesia of who the electorate is or was, drunk with goodies and packages of quintessential middle class and the affluent life in the city. Much you can only realize is his or her morbid change through the salary you allocated through your tax and you still have the tenacity of showing up to cheer him on? Are we congenitally devoid of the propensity to have a transient rise of your blood pressure when you see your area politician or is it a rare disease that i only suffer from?


Not all elected personnel performed to their promises but as the voter with the carte blanche to hold them by the nether regions and put them on the hot seat of accountability, we never do that. Instead, we are easily swayed by cheap hand-outs, tribal poison, myopia and age-old chicanery of the politicians of this country.


So, the State of the Nation is still ailing; Corruption, impunity, still dons the “ developing” country badge, Micro-economy and Starving. This is exclusive to the majority of the ones who decided through the secret ballot of what Kenya is today- The hoi polloi. As for the top mandarines, they live in their own ‘Belmont’ with abundancy and affluency that is figuratively situated within the same inhabitable towns of poor Kenyans.


We never learn, it’s about time the common man, the less-than-a dollar- a day folks to own this country. While civic education will be the antidote, none of the top echelons will allow that, for they thrive on the very same. We a revolution! but let’s start first by plugging out the clog in our eyes and attempting to see the real image that you were all too hypnotized to see, then we just might take charge of this country and demand 101% from those we elect and the government we pay taxes to which by the way is among the highest in Africa.


So as a young man, in a young nation, i appeal to the youths to rise above the chicanery and ditch the inclination to be insulted intellectually by any of the politicians who are devil sent to rip you off your bright future. Your vote is a score card to a five year term. Use it wisely and see to it to your terms and conditions applied.

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