Kenyan Doctors Jailed fighting for better Public Healthcare.

Who are you? Do you walk around priding yourself in your profession? Well it’s time for a reality check. If you should have learned something from the teacher’s strike and the ongoing doctors strike in Kenya is that You ARE A SLAVE!!!

The slave master in this case the employer is protected by the law. In both instances the courts have declared the strikes Illegal. The constitution allows everyone to participate in industrial action but is that really the case? In the ongoing doctors strike the union officials were jailed. Does that remind you of a certain era in this country?? Does that remind you of a time in the United States? Does that remind you of a time in South Africa?

A few days ago a Presidential directive was given for the striking doctors to go back to work. That was backed by the governors. Most of these doctors have been called by the police to “check” whether they have reported for duty. The Kenyan president told the doctors to go back to work or get “sorted”. When the police start calling you… if you thought getting sorted was getting sacked think again…you already saw the police lined up ready to open fire at a doctors gathering. Be afraid be very afraid.

I know most of you are seated thinking that’s a doctors issue, that’s a teachers issue. Think about it if that’s how they treat the people they consider to be providing essential services what more can they do to you. In the slave chain this are guys with uniform and you are the guy at the Shamba. The Mau Mau got us out of slavery from the colonial government, now 50yrs later the slave master is black, pays you meagre wages and the Mau Mau are gone.

Will you emancipate yourself from this slavery?

Writer is anonymous.






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